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2017 Taiwan International Air Purification and Environmental Hygiene Exhibition

Taiwan International Air Purification and Environmental Hygiene

In 2017, we were fortunate to participate in the Taiwan International Air Purification and Environmental Hygiene Exhibition, showcasing our company’s complete range of indoor air quality (IAQ) products and their powerful functions. During the exhibition, we demonstrated the system architecture including IAQ-Pro monitor, IAQ-Plus monitor, IAQ-Multiplexer signal converter, and optional LED and LCD screens at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall. Our indoor air quality monitoring systems are designed to meet the needs of different customers and can be widely used in commercial settings, institutions, schools and major indoor event venues. The system’s easy use and assembly, intuitive operation design, and diverse module applications have brought a new experience to the vast number of consumers and the industry. At this exhibition, we not only showcased our existing series of products, but also released a series of new news. This includes further optimization of system performance and the introduction of new modules and features to provide a more comprehensive and efficient indoor air monitoring solution. We are committed to continuous innovation to provide customers with superior products and services that respond to changing environmental health needs. Thanks to all walks of life for their enthusiastic attention and support for our products, we look forward to continuing to make positive contributions to social health and environmental protection. If you have further inquiries or cooperation intentions, please feel free to contact our team and we will be happy to provide you with the best service.