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2019 India Taiwan Image Exhibition

From May 16th to 18th, 2019, we participated in the India 2019 Taiwan Image Exhibition and joined hands with Zhishang Instruments and Intergold Industrial to add luster to this event. During the exhibition, we demonstrated Taiwan’s outstanding innovation capabilities and were well received by visitors, making the entire exhibition full of vitality.
As our collaborative partners, Zhishang Instruments and Interjin Industrial have demonstrated high-quality, advanced technologies and products. Their professionalism and excellent quality have won the favor of many visitors, further demonstrating the competitive strength of Taiwanese enterprises in the international market.
This exhibition is also an extremely successful communication platform. We have in-depth cooperation and exchanges with industry players from India and other countries. Through this exhibition, we not only promoted cooperation with local companies, but also strengthened Taiwan’s reputation on the international business stage.
The latest news points out that this exhibition has brought us huge business opportunities and established close business relationships with potential customers from India. At the same time, Zhishang Instruments and Interjin Industrial also issued relevant press releases one after another after the exhibition, deepening their influence in the market and further expanding the company’s visibility.
This exhibition experience not only gave us a deep understanding of the fierce competition in the international market, but also provided a wealth of learning opportunities. We will take this opportunity to continuously strive to innovate, expand the international market, and pave a broader path for Taiwanese companies to internationalize.