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2018 Taipei International Circular Economy Exhibition

USTV exclusively interviewed exhibitors at the 2018 Taipei International Circular Economy Exhibition. This time the focus was on MTI’s professional indoor air quality monitor IAQ-Pro. MTI announced exciting latest news at the exhibition and became the focus of attention.
IAQ-Pro is one of MTI’s proud products, and its excellent indoor air monitoring function has attracted the attention of USTV. In a professional exhibition environment, IAQ-Pro stands out for its excellent performance and advanced technology, providing exhibitors and visitors with a new air quality monitoring experience.
MTI’s press release revealed that IAQ-Pro not only performs well in indoor air quality monitoring, but also has the characteristics of environmental protection and circular economy, in line with today’s society’s continuous pursuit of sustainable development. The launch of this monitor aims to raise people’s awareness of indoor air conditions and also echoes the theme of the International Circular Economy Exhibition.
MTI stated that they actively participated in exchanges with exhibitors and visitors from all walks of life at the exhibition to share the advanced technology and application scope of IAQ-Pro. Company representatives said that this exhibition is an excellent opportunity for MTI to gain an in-depth understanding of market needs and establish closer cooperative relationships with industry partners.
With MTI’s outstanding performance at the 2018 Taipei International Circular Economy Exhibition, IAQ-Pro is hailed as a pioneer in the field of indoor air monitoring. It integrates advanced technology, environmental protection concepts and circular economy principles, and MTI Company makes unremitting efforts to create a healthier and more sustainable indoor environment.